Die "America" des Norddeutschen Lloyd
Die "America" des Norddeutschen Lloyd

Johann Matthias Licher

Kenton, Kentucky

Worker, born July 8th, 1833 in Eppendorf.

His parents: Georg Heinrich Licher and Maria Elisabeth Raßfeld.
He was the oldest of five siblings.

Johann Matthias Licher emigrated to the U.S. on August 22nd, 1864. He arrived in New York on September 13th 1864 onboard the ship "America".

From there he travelled to St. Louis, Missouri. He was accompanied by his wife Catharina (*1827) and his two daughters Anna (*1856) and Dorothea (*1858).

descendants of Johan Matthias Licher
descendants of Johan Matthias Licher

During a U.S. Census in 1870 he lived in Covington Ward 5, Kenton, Kentucky. In the meantime he had another wife: Josephine Wellmann or Rosenfeld (*1841 in Kingdom Hanover). One son is mentioned: Aloisius (*1869). The two daughters of the first wife aren't mentioned.

In 1880 he had five children: Louis (Aloisius, *1869), Henry (*1871), John M. (*1875), Frank (*1877) and Joseph E. (*1880).

His son  Henry died on April 20th, 1871 in Kenton. His death was attested by Katherine Licher. I assume that she wa his wife. I found a death record of Katherine Licher from Kenton: she died on July 6th, 1949.

His son Joseph E. dies on January 2nd, 1929 in Kenton.