Might be the brig "Ulysses"
Might be the brig "Ulysses"

Johann Conrad Licher

Day worker and small farmer. Did not own his own land. Born November 30, 1804 in the small village Borgloh / Eppendorf in northern Germany.

Parents: Johann Georg Licher and Anna Maria Elisabeth Brockmeyer. He had 12 siblings, five born of his father’s first wife. She died early.

He departed Bremen, Germany aboard the brig "Ulysses" May 21, 1836, arriving in Baltimore, Maryland. The captain of the ship was H. Spilcker. Johann Conrad was not accompanied by a wife or children.

He married Johanna Maria Elisabeth Alkemeyer (or Abgemeyer, Algemeyer) on October 10th, 1848.

descendants of Johann Conrad Licher
descendants of Johann Conrad Licher

During a U.S. Census in 1860 he lived in St. John's Township, Franklin County, Missouri. His children at this time: Catherine (7), Peter (4) and Sophia (1). A wife is not mentioned.

His neighbors are all from kingdom Hanover, so I assume that he was surrounded by old friends from his home in Germany.

I found Johann Conrad in a family tree of the family Cole on the website www.ancestry.com. There his wife is mentioned: Johanna Abgemeier. Because she doesn't appear in the census-list of 1860, I assume that she died earlier.

Johann Conrad’s daughter Sophia married John G. Grotehaus and had a son, Gerhard Henry William Grotehaus (*1883).

Johann Conrad’s son Peter married Amanda Schopp. They had four children: Mary Josephine (*1886), Hilda Clara (*1890), Elsie Teresa (*1894) and Adeline Catherine (*1897).

Adeline Catherine Licher married Robert Lawrence Cole. They had seven children, some are still living, I think.

Peter’s daughter Hilda Clara married Lawrence B. Schmedding. His father was one of the founders of the town "Germantown". The couple had five children: Harry, Frederica, Julia(n), Hershel and Ruth. Hilda died at the age of 36 from leukemia.

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